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My Neighbour Errol- Terraria

So there’s this game called Terraria.


It’s basically a 2D version of Minecraft. You create a character for yourself and then you are plopped down into a randomized world, full of trees and bunnies and plants and caves and various things that want to kill you. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol: Too Polite?

Friday night. Errol and I are playing Tomb Raider. Errol arrives at 11pm. I have a train to catch the next morning, but I figure I can do an hour of video gaming no problem…

Me: (hmmm…I wonder what time it is)

Errol: (explores every nook and cranny of the shanty town we have just decimated single handedly)

Me: (maybe I’ll go check the time)

Errol: (continues to get Lara Croft to leap around like a gazelle)

Me: (looks at phone) Um…Errol?

Errol: Ya?

Me: It’s 2am…

Errol: (without taking eyes off screen) Ya, I know.

Me: You know?

Errol: Ya!

Me: Oh…

Errol: (actually taking the hint) Oh, do you want me to go?

Manda’s logical brain: Why yes I do. This has been fun, but I have to get up early tomorrow and I’ve lost enough sleep as it is. Plus it’s really freaking late! But thanks for coming over!

Manda’s fear of offending everybody brain: DON’T BE RUDE! HE’S YOUR GUEST!

Manda’s stupid video game/friend hang-out loving brain: TOMB RAIIDEERRR!

Manda’s mouth: Um…no, it’s okay.

Errol: Okay! (goes back to playing)

This. This is why I deserve pity from no one.

To be fair, he DID leave a few minutes later :D.

Telephone Terrors

Sometimes I wonder what I would have been like had I been born in another time.

For instance, if I’d been born in the 16th century or somewhere thereabouts, my pasty skin and larger figure would be fawned over by men everywhere because it would indicate I was rich and attractive rather than lazy and…well, pasty.

Although according to most paintings I'd have to be naked like, all the time.

Although according to most paintings I’d have to be naked like, all the time.

If I’d been a teenager in the 80’s, my frizzy hair would be the envy of men and women alike. I would be teasing up a storm instead of hiding it under a mountain of mousse.

2 minutes and a hairdryer...then I'd be their god

2 minutes and a hairdryer…then I’d be their god

And had I been born anywhere before the twentieth century, I would not have to use the terrifying contraption that is the telephone.



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3 Geeks In A Pod

Hey guys! There will be a real post soon but in the meantime I’m posting about a fun project I do! Every Sunday night at 8pm EST I do a live video podcast called 3 Geeks In A Pod. Every week we discuss geeky topics…with a lot of going off topic…anyway, this week we’ll be discussing the new kids’ show Gravity Falls (note: it’s AWESOME). If you’re interested, tune in! Well, that’s the youtube link. There’s also going to be a chat!

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My Neighbour Errol- Guessing Games

Sigh…Errol has a new text message game he likes to play. It’s called “Guess the Body Part”. Once a day, I will receive a picture of a close-up of one of Errol’s body parts. And I have to guess what it is. Simple enough, you might say. Except absolutely every picture uncannily resembles…a bum.


Not quite, but still more appealing than what I mean.

Not quite, but still more appealing than what I mean.

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My Neighbour Errol- Co-Dependence

My next entry is going to be some insight into my writing process, but for now, here’s a quick anecdote to tide the 12 people who read this over.

In a moment of weakness…or weirdness, I joined okCupid. This blog is the only place I will admit that :D. This entry is certainly not going on facebook (edit: okay…I totally did…). It’s a weird little place with weird sets of codes. I will probably only last two weeks. I haven’t told many people about it, but I did  tell Errol. This…might have been a mistake: Read the rest of this entry


Me: I’m going to the gym today!

Errol: OOH! You should track your kilometres!

Me: Well…I’m going on the elliptical…Half an hour is usually only 2.5 km on the elliptical.

Errol: Oh really? Well, just go on the treadmill then.

Me: …I can’t.

Errol: Why not?

Me: It goes too fast! I’m clinging on for dear life!

Errol: So slow it down!

Me: …I can’t.

Errol: Why not?!

Me: Because then I’d just be walking.

Errol: You really are scared of everything, aren’t you?


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Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me…and Normal People Don’t Care

For those of you who don’t know, back in November Errol and I wrote a musical webseries about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). You can find all the episodes here.

It involved a ton of work that resulted in a lot of sleepless nights and bleary eyed days but it was also a great amount of fun and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

One of the songs Errol wrote was called “Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me”. Of course we wrote it for his character and there was a reason in the plot for including this, but it was also a way to chronicle the real life incidence when Neil Gaiman actually tweeted Errol. Errol went rather mad. See the song for proof:

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My Neighbour Errol- Awkward Hugs

I am not known as a…huggy person. It’s not that I don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong, I love hugs. When someone offers one, I will fully accept it. When I’ve known someone for ten years I am completely comfortable. But I’m not usually one to pass out hugs like cookies…then again, I’m not one to pass out cookies either.

I feel your pain, buddy. Those our OUR cookies.

I feel your pain, buddy. Those our OUR cookies.

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My Neighbour Errol- Elevator Adventures

It’s official, I’m calling these posts My Neighbour Errol (for the non-Miyazaki fans, this is a play on My Neighbour Totoro). We always joke that if Errol were to have a sitcom, that would be it’s name. Since that is unlikely to happen, I might as well make good use of the name.

Potential show poster...

Potential show poster…

First: backstory. About a month ago, Errol got a new job, the first 9-5 job he’s had in about ten years. About a week into his new job, while bored on the bus, he decided to call me while I was getting ready for work. Since then, every morning, without fail, he has called me. I play a little game now called “Will Errol call before my alarm?”. The answer is usually yes, at least for the second alarm (that’s right, I have two alarms…I’m that scared). Heck, if it weren’t for my extreme paranoia, I could probably depend on him to be my alarm. Read the rest of this entry