My Neighbour Errol- Co-Dependence

My next entry is going to be some insight into my writing process, but for now, here’s a quick anecdote to tide the 12 people who read this over.

In a moment of weakness…or weirdness, I joined okCupid. This blog is the only place I will admit that :D. This entry is certainly not going on facebook (edit: okay…I totally did…). It’s a weird little place with weird sets of codes. I will probably only last two weeks. I haven’t told many people about it, but I did  tell Errol. This…might have been a mistake:

Errol: You joined okCupid?! HUZZAH! Who have you met?

Me: Not many…it’s not that big of a deal…I’m going to quit.

Errol: What?! DON’T QUIT! Think of all the people you could meet! It sounds like fun!

Me: I don’t know…I might have coffee with someone.

Errol: COFFEE! Wooooooo! Who’s our boyfriend? What’s his name? When’s our date?

Me: I don’t know his full name and…wait, “our”?

Errol: Yeah! Have you messaged him again? What should we say?

Me: There’s no “we”!

Errol: Of course there is! We’re co-dependent now! So who’s our boyfriend?

Me: He’s not “our” boyfriend! He’s my…he’s not even MY boyfriend. It’s just a guy I messaged!

Errol: You don’t even know his full name. You’re bad at stalking. Can I stalk him?

Me: No.

Errol: Can I see your profile?

Me: NO!

Errol: OkCupid sounds like fun. I’m going to make a profile.

Me: What?! You’re married! Leave the singles alone!

Errol: I don’t want to date them! I just want to stalk my friends! And make new ones!

Me: That’s warped on many levels.

Errol: I should chaperone your date.

Me: What? You would stop any hanky panky?

Errol: EW! No! Is that what chaperones do?!

Me: Yes, why else would you ask to be a chaperone?

Errol: So I could come too!

…I’m going to be single forever.

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  1. He means so well. The more I read these posts the more I like Errol. He seems like so much fun and a spazz. Real life can be better than fiction.

  2. I see him as more of a feisty match maker.

  3. Wait I thought that’s why you did NanoWriMo – oh wait that was Debs…

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