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My Neighbour Errol: Fears and Failures

This one’s a bit more serious :D. Again. Man, I’ve got to stop reflecting so much.

There’s a bit of a joke we have amongst ourselves about Errol: he wins everything. Whether it’s board games, creative endeavors or arguments, the man simply cannot be beat. Okay, that’s not 100% true, I’m pretty certain that if Errol were to be plunked into a football game or swimming race he would flail about helplessly. Also, I beat him at 7 Wonders once. It was the greatest day of my life.

Look! LOOK! I should have this framed...

Look! LOOK! I should have this framed…

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3 Geeks In A Pod

Hey guys! There will be a real post soon but in the meantime I’m posting about a fun project I do! Every Sunday night at 8pm EST I do a live video podcast called 3 Geeks In A Pod. Every week we discuss geeky topics…with a lot of going off topic…anyway, this week we’ll be discussing the new kids’ show Gravity Falls (note: it’s AWESOME). If you’re interested, tune in! Well, that’s the youtube link. There’s also going to be a chat!

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Filk Ontario

This past weekend, I attended Filk Ontario (or FKO in its shortened form) for the first time. For those of you who don’t know, Filk is a vast network of geeky musicians who get together to sing old and new songs about sci-fi and fantasy, most of them falling under the folk music genre. In terms of legacy, it’s been around as long as any sort of geek culture has existed. FKO is the annual Filk gathering in Ontario and Errol convinced me to go with him and Debs after I’d attended a couple of Filk events.

FKO was definitely a different sort of convention experience for me. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a long blog post. There’s a lot to unpack about FKO…

This is Urban Tapestry...they are awesome.

This is Urban Tapestry…they are awesome.

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Whitless Letters: Kerrigan

For those of you who are not aware, I love video games. A lot. I love making fun of them even more. About two years ago (woah) I began doing a video series in which I wrote letters to various video game characters. Mostly it was a way to practice in front of the camera and to try my hand at writing, but it was so much fun I kept doing them. This is the latest one. Enjoy!

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My Neighbour Errol- Guessing Games

Sigh…Errol has a new text message game he likes to play. It’s called “Guess the Body Part”. Once a day, I will receive a picture of a close-up of one of Errol’s body parts. And I have to guess what it is. Simple enough, you might say. Except absolutely every picture uncannily resembles…a bum.


Not quite, but still more appealing than what I mean.

Not quite, but still more appealing than what I mean.

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Spec Ops- The Line


My friend Dan, who edits all of my Whitless Letters, told me that as payment for his next one I had to watch him play this game Spec Ops- The Line and then write a blog post about it. Now, I don’t normally play shooters. I certainly don’t play anything that resembles Call of Duty or Modern Warfare. Well, I’ve played with my dad on occasion but my inability to shoot straight in tense situations and duck has rendered me fairly useless. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol- Emergencies

This is a real quick post, and I already put this on facebook, but it’s too amusing not to share:

The following conversation happened in front of my boss:
(phone rings)
Me: hello?
Errol: I thought you were at work!
Me: I am! I thought you were my mom or something.
Errol: your mom is more important than me?!
Me: where are you?
Errol: (happily) at home!
Me: call back if you have an emergency (hangs up)

Two seconds later, phone rings again:

Me: craps sake, Errol.
Errol: I think we should determine what constitutes an emergency.
Me: what?
Errol: is me pooing an emergency?
Me: if you are dying while doing so
Errol: dying of loneliness?
Me: I am going back to work, Errol

My Neighbour Errol- The Stupid Face

Errol always loves to tease and provoke others. This is common knowledge. But there are those occasions when there is an extra special joy he gets out of making someone truly uncomfortable. When this happens, when he knows he has pushed someone’s buttons, or has rendered them into an uncomfortable panicked silence, something truly magical happens.

Wait…did I say magical? I meant infuriating. A glint will enter his eyes, his mouth will widen in an open smile, his head will bob from side to side in delight, and an air of extreme smug joy will permeate the air. I have come to call this: The Stupid Face. Beware it. It feeds off your embarrassment.

Do not trust this. Beneath this innocent exterior lies the soul of an evil genius.

Do not trust this. Beneath this innocent exterior lies the soul of an evil genius.

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A bit more of a boring blog post, but hey, it can’t all be fun and games and we’re in the midst of Camp NaNoWriMo so it’s a good time to have a post about writing! No pictures in this one, sorry. There’s just no time! But if you find it boring, watch this video about being bored. And then buy the book. It is awesome and hilarious:

I’m Bored Music Video (inspired by the new picture book from Simon & Schuster BFYR) from debsanderrol on Vimeo.

I’m writing a new webseries now. This one is a bit different than NaNoMusical. For one, it’s a lot smaller in scale: no musical numbers, two actors, and one location. This makes for easier scheduling and filming. For another, there’s no definite deadline (ie, 3 freaking months). This has given us the chance to play around with the script a bit more before we finally get filming it. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol- Co-Dependence

My next entry is going to be some insight into my writing process, but for now, here’s a quick anecdote to tide the 12 people who read this over.

In a moment of weakness…or weirdness, I joined okCupid. This blog is the only place I will admit that :D. This entry is certainly not going on facebook (edit: okay…I totally did…). It’s a weird little place with weird sets of codes. I will probably only last two weeks. I haven’t told many people about it, but I did  tell Errol. This…might have been a mistake: Read the rest of this entry