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EnigMarch Day 21

Okay! Puzzle attempt #3! Things that have happened so far:

My first puzzle had a bunch of spelling errors in morse code.

My second puzzle had a character writing a letter to herself, but at least the Pig Pen cipher wasn’t misspelt.

How about the third puzzle? What mistakes shall I make today! I did it pretty quickly. For those who might have figured out what to do but are like me and too lazy to do all the work, here is a handy site (if you don’t want to be spoiled right away, hold off until you figure out what to do).

Dear Katie,

Wow, I must be on your brain. You signed your letter with my name instead of yours! Ha, loser! Kidding. But seriously were you just sitting there thinking “JENNY! She is the key to all happiness!” You know what Mr. Vigenere would say. He’d be all “clr gmvi vf krwfvlp fhg g qeir rqi evrdey cypi!” At least, that’s what adults all sound like to me. You know what I mean though.

No way, you found a new hideout?! I’ve always wanted a forest hideout. Don’t get me wrong, my parents’ crawlspace is convenient AND near the minifridge, but a forest just has that much more atmosphere.

Halloween is coming up. It’s not going to be the same without you, for sure. I gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about my costume. I won’t tell you what it is yet, though, I want it to be a surprise! All I will say is that I have been putting the sewing machine through a gauntlet! What about you? Got anyone to Trick or Treat with? Or watch cheesy scary movies with? The idea of you hanging out on Halloween makes me sad!

Talk soon!


EnigMarch Day 19

Here is my EnigMarch attempt for Day 19!! This time I handwrote it out. You can see the explanation and my first attempt at EnigMarch here.

I am finding I am enjoying the challenge of fitting in a cipher into the content of a letter, and the different ways it can be done. Where am I going with the narrative? Not sure yet! But I am liking the process.

EnigMarch- Day 18 (or…Day 1)

I am trying out EnigMarch! It is a daily puzzle creation challenge for the month of March! Now you may be saying “Manda, it’s March 17th…and you’re just starting now?”

Yes. It is March 18. And yes. I am just starting now.

You might also be saying “But Manda! You’re not a puzzle designer!”

Okay, you’re probably not saying that. Because I know nice, supportive people. In fact…it’s just me saying that. But yes, I haven’t really done much in the way of puzzle design before and it’s a huge hurdle. So we are going to keep these puzzles simple! Because…I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Every day, EnigMarch provides a word prompt to either center your puzzle around or be inspired by or ignore altogether! Today’s word prompt was Royal.

And because I love letters, and know nothing about graphic design or photoshop, and because it’s easy to get into a blog, I’m going to try embedding these puzzles into letters. Here is the first one! See if you can solve it! And point out my errors!

Dear Kate,

Katie-bear! How are you?! How was the big Move?! I miss you already! It seriously hasn’t been the same without you! Have you got a new best friend yet? You better not! Kidding….Okay, only a little bit. You should come back! I mean, who else will call you Katie-bear. No-one, that’s who! Katie-bear is our thing!

Ugh, Carrie just came into my Room and made fun of me for writing a letter. Dad just set up e-mail accounts for us. Now Carrie constantly talks about how it would be so much faster just to e-mail you blah blah blah, but come on, letters are so much cooler. Can I put Stickers on them? Or glitter? Or doodles? No! Letters are morE personal.

Things have been pretty lame since you left. Madison continues to be the queen-bee of one-dimensional bullies. It is mind-blowing how uncreative her insults are! It was a lot easier when you were here, Katie-bear, not that it’s your fault you had to move to the butt-end of the earth. Or at least it feels like the butt-end. Sigh….Anyway! Enough depressing stuff. It’s lame. Are you caught up on X-files? I hope you are, but won’t spoil it for you. I know you love her, but Scully can be such a know-it-all! Three seasons in, and still she somehow can’t accept all the weird stuff going on. Come on, Scully! You know what would be fun?! We should phone each other after the next episode! Talk all about it!

Oh, no! I have to go! Dinner time! I’ll write again soon! MISS YOU!

Your pal,