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My Neighbour Errol: Trees


As many of you have probably surmised by now, Errol is a 10 year old boy living in a 42 year old man’s body.

I probably don't even need photo evidence.

I probably don’t even need photo evidence.

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Dining & Dating- First Dates

Here’s this week’s Dining & Dating! We answer a question! Look at us go!

Truth be told, I am basing this on the few bad first dates I have had. At the very least, I know what I DON’T like on a first date :D.

Street Cred?

Back in December, I made the big switch over to a Fancy Phone. I love my Fancy Phone. It does many Fancy things. Alarms. Music. Giving Errol five different ways to contact me.

With important issues to talk about.

With important issues to talk about.

I protected it as best I could, cleaning it, buying those protective sheets that keep it from scratching, avoiding storing it places like my pocket, because…what goes into my pockets never comes out whole again. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10- Tense Moving Music

Time for another Top 10!

And hey, since I love music so much, I’m going to continue until I exhaust my obscenely specific categories. Today I’d like to cover what I can only describe for myself as Tense Moving music.

There’s a lot of tense music that happens in movies and tv shows and games. But a lot of the time these are used for fights or chase sequences. That isn’t the type of tense I’m covering today though. For instance, Inception has an incredibly tense soundtrack, but it’s nowhere on this list.



The type of tense I’m talking about is both a little more subdued AND a little more weighted. It’s the type of tense that often comes at a turning point in a movie, when a character makes a big decision or realizes something terrible is happening. In other words, more often than not, it’s a character driven tense.

It’s the tense that has me holding my breath, that moves me and sweeps me up in the character’s emotional state. And I eat it up every single time. At any rate, when I’m writing these types of scenes, I have a playlist of these types of songs playing. So I figured I’d share it with you!

So here are my Top 10…actually you know what? This list was tough. I’m adding in one more. Eleven. This is my Top 11 tense moving songs. Read the rest of this entry

Dating & Dining: Average

New episode of Dating & Dining! Next week we’ll actually answer a question, so send them in!


As I’ve said before, I’m an actor. I was trained as an actor, I still perform as an actor and more importantly, I think like an actor. This can be beneficial in many ways. It makes me more sensitive to people’s emotional states for one.



But as with any career, there are downsides to being an actor as well, downsides that manifest themselves as bad habits that you might not even be aware.

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Dining and Dating- Introductions

Errol and I are trying out a new weekly video series called “Dining and Dating” in which we will give advice, useful or not, about dating and social interaction in general to geeks. It promises to be…something? Entertaining? Informative? Useless? We’ll find out soon I guess! Send in your questions!

My Neighbour Errol- Milkshakes

The other day I got a text from Errol. It said as follows:

“We are going to Stratford to hang with a friend. Kids are hungry so we stopped here. They serve milkshakes…I am THE most weak willed person on the planet.”

It was followed by this picture.


Seems innocent enough. So he wants a milkshake. So what? What’s so bad about that? At worst, he’ll gain five pounds and then proceed to curse the heavens for his poor metabolism (oh wait…that’s what I do…). Read the rest of this entry

Whitless Letters to: Joel (Last of Us)

And so I have written a new Whitless Letter! If you are a fan of Last of Us or Sloths you may enjoy it.

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