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Dining & Dating- Video Games

New D&D! We tackle video games in this one!

New Vids!

Once I finish this game, I’d like to review it properly, but for now here’s a Let’s Play series I have begun with my friend Dan! It is the first part of many!

If you’re interested in seeing the story but don’t own a PS3 or play games, then check it out!

Also, here is the newest Dining and Dating! Don’t forget, you can send in questions!

Dining & Dating- First Dates

Here’s this week’s Dining & Dating! We answer a question! Look at us go!

Truth be told, I am basing this on the few bad first dates I have had. At the very least, I know what I DON’T like on a first date :D.

Dating & Dining: Average

New episode of Dating & Dining! Next week we’ll actually answer a question, so send them in!