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My Neighbour Errol: Group Chat

Have you ever been to a friend’s house with a particularly hyper dog? You know the type. Your finger barely hovers over the doorbell before a barrage of barking comes hurtling towards you with crazy spasms of joy.

Let's face it...this is an excuse to post pictures of crazy dogs.

Let’s face it…this is an excuse to post pictures of crazy dogs.

You try to calm him down, but he can barely contain the excitement for his new found friend and the only thing that will keep him from mauling you with love is the NEXT person that happens to come to the door. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol: Trees


As many of you have probably surmised by now, Errol is a 10 year old boy living in a 42 year old man’s body.

I probably don't even need photo evidence.

I probably don’t even need photo evidence.

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My Neighbour Errol- Milkshakes

The other day I got a text from Errol. It said as follows:

“We are going to Stratford to hang with a friend. Kids are hungry so we stopped here. They serve milkshakes…I am THE most weak willed person on the planet.”

It was followed by this picture.


Seems innocent enough. So he wants a milkshake. So what? What’s so bad about that? At worst, he’ll gain five pounds and then proceed to curse the heavens for his poor metabolism (oh wait…that’s what I do…). Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol- Nature

Three MNE’s in a row?! Actually this is just a quick video I thought I’d share :D. Never let Errol near nature. Ever.

Not to worry though. I did save the plant. It’s growing roots now! And  yes, that is a wine glass it’s planted in.



My Neighbour Errol: Disneyland

I don’t consider myself a bitter or jealous person. I don’t hold grudges. I’m happy for my friends when they have awesome news. Oh, sure there are certain things in life that I would like to be easier. Money, time, a man servant to do my bidding….

He could chop all my vegetables!

He could chop all my vegetables!

But still, I like to think that I’m content with what I have and that I don’t spend my days embittered about all the things I don’t have. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol- Serious Talks

Believe it or not, Errol has the ability to be quite serious.


No, really!

There we will be, chatting away when suddenly he will pause for a moment. Then, quite out of the blue, he will open up and want to talk about serious life issues or philosophy or simply vent about something that’s been on his mind. He will say surprisingly profound statements, speaking in a quiet, serious tone that doesn’t often come out.

Then he will burp. Loudly. And wonder why I haven’t offered to buy him wings. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol- Absence

Yesterday I woke up, showered, got dressed and began to make my lunch. Then I stopped. Something was odd. Errol hadn’t called yet. Normally I couldn’t finish getting on my socks before Errol called. Yes, my life is that habitual.

Just waiting for those bubbles...

Just waiting for those bubbles…

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My Neighbour Errol- Terraria

So there’s this game called Terraria.


It’s basically a 2D version of Minecraft. You create a character for yourself and then you are plopped down into a randomized world, full of trees and bunnies and plants and caves and various things that want to kill you. Read the rest of this entry

My Neighbour Errol: Language

Have you ever learned another language? Unless you’re five years old, it can be pretty difficult. Your brain has to work overtime to rearrange all those strange sounds into something your brain MIGHT be able to respond to.

I need one of these.

I need one of these.

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My Neighbour Errol: Too Polite?

Friday night. Errol and I are playing Tomb Raider. Errol arrives at 11pm. I have a train to catch the next morning, but I figure I can do an hour of video gaming no problem…

Me: (hmmm…I wonder what time it is)

Errol: (explores every nook and cranny of the shanty town we have just decimated single handedly)

Me: (maybe I’ll go check the time)

Errol: (continues to get Lara Croft to leap around like a gazelle)

Me: (looks at phone) Um…Errol?

Errol: Ya?

Me: It’s 2am…

Errol: (without taking eyes off screen) Ya, I know.

Me: You know?

Errol: Ya!

Me: Oh…

Errol: (actually taking the hint) Oh, do you want me to go?

Manda’s logical brain: Why yes I do. This has been fun, but I have to get up early tomorrow and I’ve lost enough sleep as it is. Plus it’s really freaking late! But thanks for coming over!

Manda’s fear of offending everybody brain: DON’T BE RUDE! HE’S YOUR GUEST!

Manda’s stupid video game/friend hang-out loving brain: TOMB RAIIDEERRR!

Manda’s mouth: Um…no, it’s okay.

Errol: Okay! (goes back to playing)

This. This is why I deserve pity from no one.

To be fair, he DID leave a few minutes later :D.