Sidekicks: Flex Girl Trailer and Grant Applications

Hallo Bloggosphere! I need your help! First, here is a video! And below that is an explanation of the video!

So as I’ve said in previous blog posts, I’ve been pretty busy lately. One of the reasons for the busy times is that I’ve been working on a new webseries with Errol for WeTangent.

It’s called Sidekicks, and it’s the comedic story of two opposing sidekicks (Flex Girl and Minion 5) as they are forced to share the same cafe and navigate the trials of arrogant superheroes, secret identities and too many lasers. Through this they go from an uneasy truce to…well, something slightly better than uneasy truce.

Like Dr. X and Magneto did that one time!...that didn't work out well if I recall...

Like Dr. X and Magneto did that one time!…that didn’t work out well if I recall…

It was pretty fantastic to write and became more a story of my most important friendships as much as it was about making fun of the superhero world. For various reasons, production has been delayed. Part of it has been scheduling, part of it has been a lack of film location, but most of it is because of money.

And so to avoid emptying my bank account I decided to apply for a grant. And part of the grant application process involves making what’s called a “proof of concept” video which is basically a 2 minute video showing either a trailer, or vlog or some sort of small clip that shows that yes, we are actually planning on making content.

And this is where you fine people come in! See, one of the things that the grant people will be looking for is how much it’s viewed. It’s not so much that number of views count, but what does count is that I can show I can spread the word.

SO if you could take a moment of your time and

1. Watch the above video. (most of the way through, youtube is stupid about view count and only counts it after 80%)
2. Comment on it.
3. Share it with your friends.

I would be more than eternally grateful. I would be ecstatic. I would find you and give you a hug!…well…maybe not, that might be creepy…

Let's just leave it at I'll be as happy as Errol when he's around food.

Let’s just leave it at I’ll be as happy as Errol when he’s around food.

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