Adventures in Cooking: FISH!

Lots has been happening! I went to a convention. I’m writing a grant. I’m doing a play. It’s awesome. But as a result this blog has been a little neglected.

I am...a little crazy at the moment

I am…a little crazy at the moment

So in the meantime, I dug out a blog idea I had set up a while back. Every once in a while my friend Kelson comes over and we cook together. Well…actually, mostly Kelson cooks. I watch and marvel at his cooking prowess.

I marvel at cooking like I marvel at Patrick Stewart's agelessness

I marvel at cooking like I marvel at Patrick Stewart’s agelessness

So I figured…heck, let’s blog about it! A few weeks ago, Kelson came by and we decided to make fish. I never really eat fish, so the whole concept of fish cooking was pretty foreign to me.

SO here are some instructions on how to cook  a fish…from someone…who still doesn’t really know how to cook a fish.

Step 1

Pick your fish! I picked trout. Because salmon grosses me out. And instead of buying pricey fillets, we just bought a whole fish and paid half the price!

I called him Mr. Gapey

I called him Mr. Gapey

Step 2

Stuff him with delicious things. Apparently citrus things are good for fish, so we stuffed him with grapefruit!


Not hot chocolate though….why was that hot choolate there?

Step 3

Continue to stuff with the delicious things. Like thyme! And salt…lots of salt.


Step 4

Do something called “scoring” on Mr. Gapey. This is a fancy word for “slash the fish so it cooks evenly and the seasonings spread”.


Step 5

Tie Mr. Gapey up so the delicious things don’t escape! He’s ready for the oven now! Have a wine break.


Look how pretty he is! Although I feel a bit sorry for him now…

Step 6

Have a wine break! Bake for about 45 minutes. Pull from oven. Noob tip: Don’t put your finger in his mouth. Those teeth are still sharp.


Apparently fish cheeks are a delicacy

Step 6

Separate the meat from the bone! This should be easy since the meat should naturally fall away from the bone during the baking. I still let Kelson handle it though. Then eat and enjoy!

Good bye Mr. Gapey. You shall be in my tummy soon.

Good bye Mr. Gapey. You shall be in my tummy soon.

Mayhaps next time I shall have a more active part in the cooking. For the fish though, I was quite happy to let Kelson take the reins :D.

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