Dining & Dating- First Dates

Here’s this week’s Dining & Dating! We answer a question! Look at us go!

Truth be told, I am basing this on the few bad first dates I have had. At the very least, I know what I DON’T like on a first date :D.

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  1. I love this.

    My boyfriend and I went on our first date to a poetry reading at a library. Some of our favorite dates have just been walking around Walmart or various shops. I prefer home dates at times. Just pulling out a DVD owned, borrowed from friend family or library and just relaxing at home. Boyfriend surprised me one day by having something ready and he’d made scones.

    If you’re a geek, find someone who respects you as a geek or who is a geek as well is a little advice from this geek.

    • Oh, I agree completely! I was more talking about that first date. Don’t do the insanely geeky thing that someone might be put off by. Once they get to know you, and accept you, then it’s okay to try it out :D. But if they don’t accept that geeky part of you? Get out.

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