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Dining & Dating- Video Games

New D&D! We tackle video games in this one!

New Vids!

Once I finish this game, I’d like to review it properly, but for now here’s a Let’s Play series I have begun with my friend Dan! It is the first part of many!

If you’re interested in seeing the story but don’t own a PS3 or play games, then check it out!

Also, here is the newest Dining and Dating! Don’t forget, you can send in questions!

Dining & Dating- First Dates

Here’s this week’s Dining & Dating! We answer a question! Look at us go!

Truth be told, I am basing this on the few bad first dates I have had. At the very least, I know what I DON’T like on a first date :D.

Dining and Dating- Introductions

Errol and I are trying out a new weekly video series called “Dining and Dating” in which we will give advice, useful or not, about dating and social interaction in general to geeks. It promises to be…something? Entertaining? Informative? Useless? We’ll find out soon I guess! Send in your questions!