My Neighbour Errol- Emergencies

This is a real quick post, and I already put this on facebook, but it’s too amusing not to share:

The following conversation happened in front of my boss:
(phone rings)
Me: hello?
Errol: I thought you were at work!
Me: I am! I thought you were my mom or something.
Errol: your mom is more important than me?!
Me: where are you?
Errol: (happily) at home!
Me: call back if you have an emergency (hangs up)

Two seconds later, phone rings again:

Me: craps sake, Errol.
Errol: I think we should determine what constitutes an emergency.
Me: what?
Errol: is me pooing an emergency?
Me: if you are dying while doing so
Errol: dying of loneliness?
Me: I am going back to work, Errol

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  1. Hahaha >.< You shouldn't have given him your work number! lol…

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