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The Doubleclicks- Nothing to Prove

So a couple of months ago I saw a concert in our local comic shop by a band called The Doubleclicks. I sort of instantly fell in love and became a fangirl. For those that don’t know them, I recommend you check out their website.

Anyway, one of the songs they played was called Nothing to Prove, which was their own unique response to the whole “fake geek girl tests” that have been cropping up around the internet and conventions. The song is lovely and awesome and, I feel at least, is a great heartfelt personal message as well as a message for all geek girls out there who get harassed for “not being geeky enough” .

After the song was done, the Doubleclicks mentioned they would be making a music video for it and, if we were interested, would be taking video of various geek girls and their geek girl story. So I volunteered! And I’m in the video! And this is the result, and it’s awesome.

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Geek and Sundry

Hey guys! Funny story. I submitted a video to Geek and Sundry to become a vlogger. It was my Whitless Letter to Kerrigan. I actually submitted it twice. Once because I had the incorrect youtube link formatting.

Then I was sent a letter saying it couldn’t be accepted because it was a webseries, not a vlog, and because it was an already established series as opposed to a video I made specifically as an entry.

Fair enough.

Then I get a comment on the video from someone saying they loved it and found it through the Geek and Sundry submission page and hoped I would get voted in.


So it seems I am…undisqualified. Which is exciting! I have missed out on five days of voting because I thought my video wasn’t there. But hey! Can’t hurt to try! So vote for my video. Share it around. And let’s see if I can get into Geek and Sundry at the eleventh hour! Here’s where you can vote.


My Neighbour Errol: Self-promotion

Once again, there are a couple of things I’d like to post about, one of which is a big announcement for my videos, and once again I’ve decided to post about Errol instead. But this time it’s a time sensitive post, so it takes the priority spot.

Oh, don't give me that look.

Oh, don’t give me that look.

Errol is great at promotion. If you have a project or fundraiser that you need to be promoted, he will gladly promote it. If you’re shy about asking people for money or asking them to take time out of their schedules for you, Errol will talk about it to others until he is blue in the face (that hasn’t happened yet). Read the rest of this entry

Geek Pride

May the 4th is coming up. For the non-geeks out there, this is known as Star Wars Day.

Get it...GET IT?!

Get it…GET IT?!

I don’t like Star Wars Day. Not because I don’t like Star Wars. I love Star Wars, in fact! Well…I like most parts of Star Wars. Read the rest of this entry

3 Geeks In A Pod

Hey guys! There will be a real post soon but in the meantime I’m posting about a fun project I do! Every Sunday night at 8pm EST I do a live video podcast called 3 Geeks In A Pod. Every week we discuss geeky topics…with a lot of going off topic…anyway, this week we’ll be discussing the new kids’ show Gravity Falls (note: it’s AWESOME). If you’re interested, tune in! Well, that’s the youtube link. There’s also going to be a chat!

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