My Neighbour Errol: Self-promotion

Once again, there are a couple of things I’d like to post about, one of which is a big announcement for my videos, and once again I’ve decided to post about Errol instead. But this time it’s a time sensitive post, so it takes the priority spot.

Oh, don't give me that look.

Oh, don’t give me that look.

Errol is great at promotion. If you have a project or fundraiser that you need to be promoted, he will gladly promote it. If you’re shy about asking people for money or asking them to take time out of their schedules for you, Errol will talk about it to others until he is blue in the face (that hasn’t happened yet).

He will pimp it on facebook and twitter. He will bring it up in conversations with your friends. He will make a comic about it. He will encourage you to talk about it more and give you lectures on the importance of promoting…okay, by encourage, I may mean force. But still, there’s no two ways about it. Errol is a promoting machine.

Except when it comes to his own projects, of course. Then he gets shy.


No, no, don’t clear out your ears. You heard right. Errol gets shy.

Alright, that’s not entirely true. He loves inviting people out to his events and concerts, like his band’s second anniversary or his upcoming birthday concert.

He won't stop talking about this. Seriously.

He won’t stop talking about this. Seriously.

But those events don’t really involve asking people for money. He’s completely comfortable begging and guilting people to just sacrifice their time. When if it involves asking people for money though, Errol suddenly clams up. Despite all his lectures to us about the importance of self promotion, the man can’t seem to follow his own advice. He’ll get distracted with other people’s projects and promote those. He’ll maybe share and ask for support once or twice. But for the most part, he doesn’t want to bother people and stays surprisingly quiet.

Why am I telling you this? Well, you see, Errol has an Indiegogo campaign.

For those of you who don’t know (although I doubt any of you don’t know, most of you found this blog through Errol) Errol is part of a geek band called Debs and Errol. He and his friend Debs are both insanely talented and hilarious. Before I also became Errol’s teasing playground, I was a Debs and Errol fangirl. Heck, I still am. There are many songs of theirs that I love and among my favourites are their parodies.

Like this one.

And this one, which I was present for the creation of!

Now they’d like to create a parody EP, which would be fantastic. Like most things worth having, it costs money, and like most artists they have very little. You can read the details about why they want to do a parody EP on the site itself.

The campaign has 18 days remaining and a little more than half of the funds still required. Every day I ask Errol how the campaign is going. Has he promoted it today? On facebook? Twitter?  The answer is  usually “Um…not yet…”

I bet if I told him Totoro was disappointed, he'd do it.

I bet if I told him Totoro was disappointed, he’d do it.

Oh, he’s promoted other things since the campaign started. His birthday party, the introvert vs. extrovert chart he made up, my blog (thankyou!), his AT-AT picture, any Totoro picture he finds, his wife’s fundraiser (which was for a good cause), his friends’ concerts, and ANOTHER indiegogo campaign for his friend’s board game.

But not his own.

He claims not to want to spam people. Fair enough, but I also point out that he spammed facebook with his wife’s fundraiser every day for a week and it got her donations. He replies with “That’s different.” and then asks eagerly if I’ve invited anyone to his birthday.

We all fears the spamming.

We all fears the begging.

To be fair, asking people for money is hard. Very hard. It’s a fine line to walk when trying to determine how much you should post or promote before people start  blocking you from their facebook and twitter feeds. And to be fair again, now that it’s getting down to crunch time Errol is starting to bring more awareness to the campaign. This morning he sent out an update email. AN UPDATE EMAIL!

And so I have decided to spam all of you, my readers, many of which I would not have had it not been for Errol sharing my embarassing tales, to check out the Debs and Errol indiegogo campaign.

Oh, and this comic...but even then, he's more excited about Anime North.

Oh, and this comic…but even then, he’s more excited about Anime North.

Debs and Errol faces the dilemma that all artists fundraising encounter: with all of the problems in the world that need money, how can we rightly ask people for money for our goofy projects? Goofy parodies don’t pay for indoor plumbing in third world countries.

But they do make us laugh, and in this world of constant terror and uncertainty, having people around to make us laugh is important. And Debs and Errol brings that in spades. So whether you have a spare $2 or a spare $500 (I know I do!) consider donating it to an awesome project that will help bring this band one step closer to being able to produce some professional quality music.

Like this!

Like this!

Or even if you can’t donate, because you know, times are tough, feel free to share it with others. Plus, if you donate enough you get a Totoro shaker. And possibly Errol spamming you with thanks. He’s perfectly fine with “Thankyou” spams.

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