My Neighbour Errol: Kari

I have this friend named Kari.

Seen here in comic form!

Seen here in comic form!

I met Kari through Errol. Much like myself, it was a bit of a shock to be the subject of such enthusiasm from a complete stranger. And also much like myself, she was suddenly sucked into the vortex of Errol’s friendship.

Errol loves Kari. Have you ever seen a dog react when his owner comes home from a ten minute trip to the grocery store? That is pretty much the way Errol acts anytime the name of Kari comes up.

Like this guy

Like this guy

This is of course much to the embarrassment of poor Kari, who is more than often present when Errol begins to go on his happy Kari rants.

It was hard to choose a comic to show.

It was hard to choose a comic to show.

Of course Kari’s personality is pretty much the complete opposite of Errol’s, and watching them interact is much like watching a sitcom. Morning chats usually follow this pattern:


Kari: What’s good about it?


Kari: It’s a morning, that’s all I’m willing to admit.

Errol: Don’t you love us, Karbars? We love you! Everyone loves Karbars!

But while it’s true that part of this purely for embarrassment and amusement purposes, the much more important reason is that Kari is genuinely an awesome person, and Errol genuinely wants to celebrate that.

She writes some fantastic songs.

She’s also done a webcomic called “West of Bathurst” and is currently doing one called “It Never Rains”.

She is one of those amazingly talented, funny, sarcastic people that the internet should pay far more attention to.

And recently, she has started up a Kickstarter to make a full colour hard copy collection of all of her West of Bathurst comics. It is almost halfway through the campaign now and she is almost halfway there.

If you haven’t read “West of Bathurst” I highly recommend you try it out (especially if you’ve ever had to teach any university class ever). It’s both wonderfully hilarious and bizarre and goes to some strange, fantastical places that you would never expect from a comic about grad students.

And when you’ve plowed through the entire collection, you might consider donating to the Kickstarter. Like I said, Kari is one of those people that should be paid attention to far more. If Errol had his way, he would be funding the entire thing himself. But he has those pesky children to feed and a band to manage, so he must simply make do with shouting Kari’s Kickstarter to the heavens.

What I am sure Kari feels like doing to Errol sometimes.

What I am sure Kari feels like doing to Errol sometimes.


But again, there’s a reason for it. West of Bathurst is a fantastic comic and Kari is an awesome person. Read her comic. Subscribe to her Youtube channel. Protect her from the onslaught of Errol happy. And enjoy :D.

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  1. Wow…thanks, Manda. You know how awesome you are, right?

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