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It begins!

In an attempt to practice my writing, I am starting up a blog. Right now, it is the barest of bones blog until I can get a nice, helpful friend to maybe teach me the ins and outs of designing this thing since all things internet tend to scare me a bit (okay, that’s a lie, I’m just lazy).

So welcome! My name is Manda! I am an actor, a writer, and a geek, the last of which will become painfully obvious as these entries go on in all likelyhood. I write many things like scripts, reviews and cheques, but I don’t actually have a space to share my thoughts on the random things that come up in my life. Well, I have my personal journal, but those are for emo thoughts, which is something I’d like to avoid here.

Instead you'll get stuff like this...

Instead you’ll get stuff like this…

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