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Announcement: Con Bravo

Look! It’s an exciting announcement! You can tell I made this when I was tired because my left eye always droops when I’m too tired.

But yes! I will be going to ConBravo in just a few days!

Aaaand, holy crap it’s nervewracking.

There are a ton of cool guests and events. It’s a little daunting to share the floor with them. But at the same time, it’s going to be three days of nerding out with my friends and peers at one of my favourite conventions. I am so pumped.

If you happen to be in Hamilton this weekend, I would highly suggest coming out. Here’s my schedule for those that don’t want to get it from a rambling video:

  • Friday, 6:30pm: Letters to Video Game Characters (Live Whitless Letters)
  • Saturday, 4pm: Storytelling in New Mediums (Video Games, Webseries, etc.) with Clan of the Greywolf, Normal Boots and Derek the Bard
  • Saturday, 10:30pm: Audition for the Worst Movie Ever with Tom White
  • Sunday, 4pm: Gender Roles in Video Games with 3killabytes

Errol will also have panels!

  • Saturday, 2:30pm: Crowdfunding for Indie Artists
  • Saturday, 6:30pm: Super Audio World II Concert
  • Sunday, 11:30am: Nerd Music

It’s going to be lots of fun! Come out and geek out with us! Hope to see you there!