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Manda Tries a Caramel Apple

For my thirtieth (ugh) birthday one of my friends gave me a caramel apple. I have never had a caramel apple before. Normal people would just eat it. I am not normal people, so I made a video.

I am oddly proud of this video. Mostly because well…I made it. I set up the camera, I shot it, I picked out the music and I edited it all myself. And I did it all in an evening! Now THAT is incredible, at least to me, she who usually takes six hours to shoot a one minute video.

It is weird though, because really it’s not all that impressive. I mean, I’ve come a long way since my Windows Movie Maker days (for those of you who have not experienced Windows Movie Maker,  you lead a blessed life). But I have friends who can do fancy things like colour correction and animation and SPECIAL EFFECTS!

And yet I look at my video, with its hasty editing, crappy sound, and those two little bars at the top and bottom that I forgot were there but that I know drives Errol mad, and I think “LOOK AT THAT! I MADE THAT! IT’S AMAZING!”

It’s almost like having a kid. You see other people’s kids. You might think they’re pretty neat. But then you have your own and there is nothing better in the world. It doesn’t matter to me that other people’s video children are amazing athletes and getting science awards and my video child is in the corner eating glue, I made that video child! And then I’m like that annoying parent who keeps showing people photos of their children and talk about how amazing they are.

And it made ME laugh. Which is a feat. Oh, I laugh quite easily, but not always at myself.

So enjoy! Because I also got caramel in my hair and my suffering has to count for something.