My Neighbour Errol: Puzzles Part 2

About a year ago, Errol was still in a band and thought it would be a grand idea to hold a massive online puzzle hunt for the Debs and Errol community. And so we all ventured forth, curious to see what sort of little puzzles we’d get to to try out.

He made many enemies that month. Myself included.

We had thought the madness over. But then Errol and myself discovered Escape Rooms and the excitement with puzzles only grew. Because it’s Errol and he must create a community with whatever hobby he takes up, we soon discovered other reviewers who shared our money draining obsession.

And so there we were, three of us reviewers in a chat one day when Errol brought up the idea of doing another puzzle hunt at some point for his new comic. I don’t know who said what, but eventually someone suggested that oh, wouldn’t it be a grand idea to involve escape rooms somehow?

You can see where this is going.


Yup, not only is there going to be a SECOND puzzle hunt, but we have involved 7 escape rooms from across Toronto who have provided us with prizes!

This time around is going to be a far different experience. Whereas before it was Errol simply cranking out puzzles as soon as he could, this time we have actually playtested each puzzle AND will have a more formalized hint process set up.

I will warn you. Errol is still just as evil with his puzzle making ability.

BUT come on, this is for Escape Room tickets! That is a worthy prize if ever I saw one! So check out the contest page, get your team ready, and get ready to seriously take a ton of notes. Like…seriously…

…I might be dealing with the majority of the anger. Joy.

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  1. I’ll give this a pass I think- after all, I gave up after puzzle 8 on the last one, and I couldn’t benefit from winning even if I did… plus, to be honest, I don’t need the extra stress.

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