(creeps in…glances around….dusts off poor neglected blog)

Why hello everyone! Or at least, the handful of people who might still read this blog….it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It wasn’t my intention to ignore my blog. But the past three months I have been focused on other things. There’s Geekpr0n who I officially write for. I also got involved in some Shakespeare which was a lot of fun. But the majority of my focus went into job hunting.

I wish I could say that all of that time was spent with my nose to the grind stone searching for jobs, adjusting my resume, brushing up on my interview skills. But the truth is that it only took up about half of the process. The other half was spent stressing over taking time off work to sneak off to interviews, what I should be applying for and my overall future in general.

Job hunting while you already have a job is tough. On the one hand, it is easier because there is no employment gap and potential employers respond much better to that than say if you had been unemployed for two years. I was in a good position. On the other hand, job hunting itself can be a full time job and putting in 40 hours a week plus writing plus scouring the internet for opportunities while trying to maintain an optimistic outlook was taking taking its toll on me. And so…things started to get ignored.

But as of last week, after a year and a half of working on it, the search was suddenly over. I got an offer for a new job. It’s another bookkeeping job. This time though I will be doing it for theatre companies and charities. I will eventually be in charge of my own hours. I will be submersed in the arts community once again. I will be learning how to build and run seminars. My new bosses are lovely people that I clicked with instantly. I will be paid a higher salary for the first time in almost three years.

It will be rough going at first. I will be working part time hours to start out and the prospect of living off of part time hours in a huge expensive city is a daunting one. Luckily the decision to live with Errol was a good one. I have built up enough of a nest egg to be comfortable for a couple of months without begging for scraps.

It only dawned on me today that I will be leaving my job. Even with the interview, the phone call, the job offer and giving my notice to my boss (the most difficult and scary part), it all seemed sort of unreal.

Now it feels weird. For the past year and a half my brain has grown accustomed to always be thinking about jobs. Even when I was working on a creative project or hanging out with friends, there was a nagging in the back of my brain that I should be working on my resume or searching for new opportunities. When my search ramped up late last year, that nagging was even louder and everything else fell by the wayside.

I no longer have to constantly be thinking about it. I don’t have to keep working on my resume. I don’t have to write cover letters for every occasion. I don’t have to save my vacation days or sick days in case I need to use them for an interview. I don’t have to sit fretting about my future. It’s a huge weight off my chest. But I also feel a bit lost at the moment. I am sure that will pass though.

I’m excited for this new job. Not only is it a change, but it’s a change in the direction I want to go. Still that excitement is somewhat cautious at the moment. I have gotten used to a routine. It wasn’t a routine I was always satisfied with, but it’s a routine nonetheless and one that I am intimately familiar with. All of that is about to go into upheaval. I will be learning new things. I am a bit afraid of being capable enough.

Eight years. Eight years I have been with this job. Almost as long as I was in highschool and university. It’s very abruptly about to go away. I have been ready for a change for quite some time. Now that the change is actually happening there is a part of me that is holding back.

But I am ready. Two weeks from now will be a new adventure. And hopefully by then I can get back to the other fun adventures I love so much. Including this blog! Here’s to 2015!

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  1. While working part time does mean less income, it also means more time to work on other projects.

  2. Congrats! Always good to try and shake things up. Good luck!

  3. And more months to go by without blogging. I was surprised that there wasn’t a post about “Obduction”. I certainly hope that the new job is working well, and that the “Moar projects” are progressing. It was nice meeting you in person at FKO.

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