Conversations with Stuff: Scripts

Part of me knows that feeling like your work is crap and pushing through is all part of the creative process. But most of me still felt frustrated this past weekend.

Script: hey, Manda!

Me: Go away!

Script: I still suck!

Me: I’m doing laundry!

Script: I’m not feeling too great. I’ve got a terrible case of the First Drafts.

Me: I have to make dinner.

Script: You’ve gotta work on me eventually!

Me: I did! For four hours!

Script: Really? I still feel like I suck.

Me: I made changes.

Script: I could use some more character development though.

Me: I’m ignoring you.

Script: And maybe some better flow. You’ve basically patched me together. I’m like the Frankenstein of scripts right now.


Script: What are you doing?

Me: Watching new Gravity Falls episodes.



Script: This is awesome! It’s a much better script than me.

Me: Can’t you minimize?!


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  1. Love it! I really wish my latest draft would do this to me. I need to work on it. Maybe if I clear my desk off and actually put it on my desk I’ll feel enough guilt to work on it…

    • Hahahaha, and then it will stare at you disapprovingly

      • Does this happen with all your scripts?

        Ha! I need that glaring “Work on me. Work on me!” tone to come from my draft. It’s within reach and so are my red pens when I sit at my desk, but it doesn’t yell loudly at me.

  2. I’ve been there. In fact…I’m there right now. My novel first draft doesn’t yell at me though, thankfully. If it did, it’d laugh at me for all of the silly, ridiculous, and pointless parts I’m still trying to find and edit out. Oooh, but if it did that, maybe it could point me in the direction of those parts and make my job easier! Teach me how to talk to my first draft!

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