Conversations With Stuff: Jogs and Whipped Cream

Recently I’ve taken to posting fake/semi-true conversations with my body or inanimate objects on my Facebook wall. And I thought, why not blog them as well? So welcome to my new “Conversations with Stuff” series! And my first one for the blog occurred tonight :D.

Brain: Huzzah! We finished a jog! Don’t you feel good, body?!

Body: I want whipped cream.

Brain: Kind of defeats the purpose of a jog…

Body: I want whipped cream.

Brain: You’ll feel better after a shower…

Body: It’s just right in the fridge.

Brain: I am aware.

Body: Why buy whipped cream if you will not consume a can in a single go? I don’t see what the point is.

Brain: It’s meant to be put on things is the thing…

Body: Here’s a mango. Put it on that.

Brain: Those…probably won’t go together…Why not just have the mango?


Brain: Fine, let’s get a knife.

Body: No.

Brain: No?

Body: It’s fine just like that.

Brain:…You’re just going to lick the whipped cream off a whole mango, aren’t you?

Body: I know what I want.

Brain: We’re going to bed.

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  1. Oddly enough, I’ve had similar conversations with myself.

  2. Excerpt from a conversation *I’ve* had in the grocery store:

    BODY: That was some great willpower you showed there, not buying any of the chips that were on sale. You should reward yourself by buying some of those cookies that are on sale!

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