My Neighbour Errol: Transit Adventures

Morning commutes with a full grown man child:


Errol and Manda board incredibly crowded subway.

Errol notices his elbow is in Manda’s face.

Errol goes out of his way to make sure that elbow continues to be in Manda’s face.

Manda attempts to move.

Errol moves his elbow further in the way.

Manda is thankful she didn’t have Errol as a brother growing up.


Errol calls Manda from bus.

Manda talks to Errol.

In the middle of the conversation there is a giant fart noise.

Errol asks Manda if she heard that.

Manda asks Errol if he held the phone to his butt….again….

Errol giggles.

Manda sighs.

**Posts over the next little while will be infrequent and small as Manda gears up for filming her new webseries, SIDEKICKS! Exciting times!

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  1. I will gladly interrupt the Errol elbow with Twitter conversations if that will help.

    Can’t wait to hear how Sidekicks filming goes!

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