My Neighbour Errol: Guessing Games Part 2

I thought it was done. I thought it was over with. I thought that perhaps Errol had gotten bored or distracted or had simply run out of body parts.

I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. There in my texts this morning was a brand new “Guess the body part” photo. And yes, it was a body part that looked like a butt.

But you know what? This time I refuse to suffer alone in this. He wants to play a game? Well, I want others to play the game too. So I’m sharing it with you. The Internets. So that you too may share in the joy that is guessing which of Errol’s body parts looks like a butt.

Warning, the below picture, while the most tame of the bunch so far, still kind of looks like a butt. So cast your votes!…Which body part is this?!


Yes, I am an awful person for doing this.

Yes, I am an awful person for doing this.

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  1. That actually doesn’t even look much like a butt to me (though if I didn’t know ahead of time it wasn’t and just saw it, I’d probably quickly look away in horror anyway). It sort of looks like knuckle skin, so I’d guess fingers or toes? I don’t know what he’s already done, other than apparently elbow, so no narrowing it down.

    This is the weirdest comment I’ve ever made anywhere.

  2. I was about to guess fingers until I spotted the right answer had been guessed.

  3. The dimensions were wrong for fingers, so my thought was lips though this inside was a bit pale… I’d not thought of toes. At least there’s no fuzz or jam.

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