My Neighbour Errol: Phone Volume

This morning I was on my usual phone call with Errol. I was approaching the Second Cup and as per usual had to announce I was getting some tea and couldn’t talk, thus giving him the opening to torment me.

Normally I have my headphones so that at the very least I don’t look rude standing there with a phone to my ear. This morning though I had forgotten them.

So I thought to myself “Hey Manda, just take the phone away from your ear! That way you’ll be polite AND you won’t have to risk hearing Errol attempt to embarrass you!”

The following is an accurate description of what happened.

Me: (removes phone from ear) Hi, I’d like—


Me: (looks slightly horrified as the belch reverberates through the otherwise silent Second Cup)


Errol’s voice: Everyone’s staring at me!

Baristas: (attempt to ignore everything that just happened)

In retrospect, turning the phone volume down would have been a better idea. I will never learn.

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