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My Neighbour Errol: sweetie

This is mostly a test to see how well this works from a phone, but I have to get this down:

I have a mean client at work. Poor Errol hears a lot of rants from me about him. Only today did he get something out of it:

Me: Mean client came in today.

Errol: was he mean?

Me: well, he treated me like I was stupid.

Errol: does he call you Ms. Whitney?

Me: no, he calls me sweetie. I hate it. It just makes me feel so–

Errol (gets a joyous glint in his eye)

Me: oh No….no, don’t you dare!

Errol: (claps his hands in delight)

Me: Jerk.

Errol: that’s not nice, sweetie.

Me: he can say it because he pays bills! I don’t have to accept it from you!

Errol: okay. I’m going to get more water sweetie.

Me: (fumes)