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Escape Room Narrative: Player Roles

A short while ago, I was playing a horror themed escape room. Like all good horrors, it was more narrative driven and had a mystery to solve. We solved puzzles, we got scared, and overall we had a lot of fun.

At the end of the experience however something was nagging me. As we sat talking with our game master about the experience, I asked him a question: who were we in the room and why were we there?

He gave me a confused look and replied he did not know. Was it important that I did know?

I said, yes. Yes, it was quite important.


Because who WANTS to find this thing?!

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Escape Room Narrative: Exposition Part 3

And now we get into some of the more involved escape room exposition tools. Super exciting times! (said the nerd) Read the rest of this entry

Escape Room Narrative: Exposition Part 2

There are many ways to introduce an audience to a story. Mediums are not limited to any one method although there are usually a couple that are most effective.

Escape rooms are still going through some growing pains. Like video games, they are an interactive experience.  Unlike most story heavy games, escape rooms have a set time limit, making it next to impossible to allow players the leisure to discover the story by interaction alone.

So what DOES make an effective exposition for an escape room? Let’s take a look at some of the methods currently used, the pros, the cons and how they can be taken to the next level. For consistencies’ sake, I am going to look at all of these methods using one of the most common escape room themes: The Mad Doctor/Scientist.

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