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My Neighbour Errol: New Words

No pics, no lengthy post, just a quick story in my month of crazy :D.

Errol has a tendency to make up random words and sounds. It’s all part of the complete lack of filter between his brain and mouth which is rarely in control in normal situations and even less so when he is in his own home. He is barely aware of half the stuff he says. When he finds a word that amuses him however, he will fixate like a cat on a random speck of dust.

Which brings us to such phone conversations:

Me: Hello?

Errol: Hoomda Hoomda!

Me: Um…hey…how’s it going?

Errol: Hooomda!

Me: Uh huh…what are you up to?

Errol: Hoomda!….hooomdaaaa

Me: Right…

This wouldn’t be so bad except that a mere ten minutes later as I was walking out the door…

“Hooomda, hoomda, got my keys…hooomda!…”

Well, crap. It seems to be contagious. Either that, or it’s my tendency to absorb the speech patterns of others…

No, it’s Errol. He is a virus.