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Walking Sims Roundup!

So there is a new genre of game out there. They are called Walking Simulators. Why? Because that’s what the majority of the game play involves. Walking…and story…and some interaction and minor game play…but mostly walking!

I’ve become a sucker for these games. I mean, I love a puzzler or shooter or candy crusher as much as the next person but sometimes I only have a couple of hours of free time and just feel like getting involved in a good story. Read the rest of this entry

Game Distractions: Kathy Rain

I love the wonderful experimentation that’s been going on in video game narratives in the last few years. But every once in a while I crave a good nostalgic classic adventure game of ages past. Kathy Rain turned out to be the perfect way to spend my downtime.

Taking place in my beloved 1990’s, Kathy is a hardened, sarcastic and witty journalism student who visits her hometown after finding out that her grandfather whom she lost touch with has passed away. Naturally, not all is as it seems and Kathy soon finds herself elbow deep in government cover-ups, cults and good old fashioned super natural entities. Read the rest of this entry

Canadian Capers: Night at the Wedding

Last September I and a small group of fellow escape room enthusiasts took it upon ourselves to create a large scale escape event that incorporated more story and interaction as well as puzzles. It was called Night at the Speakeasy and was a huge amount of fun. The feedback was so incredible that despite our exhaustion, we decided to make another event! It would be called Night at the Wedding and we decided on April.

It was, once again, a huge amount of work but so worth the effort. April 9th has come and gone and we honestly could not be happier with the results and the people involved. It was fantastically fun! Read the rest of this entry

Tea Time

A new video! The first in a long time! I decided to try my hand at editing again. It…mostly worked :D. I am still a big dummy when it comes to using the program. But I am still pleased with the result 😀

I have this problem often when I buy a tea. I may or may not have burned my tongue doing this.

Casa Loma: King of the Bootleggers

I have been to Casa Loma in Toronto twice now. Both of those visits were for escape rooms. One of those escape rooms just happened tonight.

This particular escape room, King of the Bootleggers, is set in the 1920’s during prohibition. You play a team of bootleggers looking to cash in on the lucrative business of forbidden alcohol. Being that the mafia is involved, there are of course obstacles in the way like snitches, guns and far too many bruised egos. Read the rest of this entry

Doctor Who: Face the Raven

Warning, the following contains extreme spoilers. It also is a very raw unedited piece of writing that probably could be better organized. But ah well.

So….let’s talk about that last episode of Doctor Who.

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My Neighbour Errol: Farewell D&E

As many of you (or all of you) who read this know, my friend Errol has a geeky band called Debs and Errol…well…he HAD a geeky band called Debs and Errol. Last night after a month long hiatus, Errol showed me his farewell comic. As of this morning, D&E is no more. Read the rest of this entry

Chronicles of NaNoRebel: IT’S OVER!

Well…here it is…

It is currently 10pm on November 29th…and I…have finished writing my NaNo project.

THIS is the chart I built in Twine for our time travel game. There are 47 different endings.
script1script2script3script4script5script6script7Script8script9And this…is what I looked like after…complete with celebratory bubbly and crazed, hollowed out eyes that make me look about ten years older than I am…

Let me tell you, it's an experience to hang out with me in tired skull state

Despite the incredible exhaustion I’m feeling now, despite the fact that I’ve never been so excited not to have to write anymore, I am feeling extremely happy and accomplished. It’s a wonderous feeling.

Thanks for joining me on my NaNoRebel journey, folks. It’s been quite an adventure. And with any luck, the adventure will continue with the game!


Chronicles of a NaNo Rebel: Everything sucks.

It is the midst of week two for NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow marks the halfway point. I’m slightly behind but not terribly so. I have 22,000 words. That’s nothing to complain about. Sure, it’s a hodgepodge of blogs, articles, scripts and novel-style storylines, but they’re my 22,000 words and I should be proud of it.

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Whitless Letters to: Joel (Last of Us)

And so I have written a new Whitless Letter! If you are a fan of Last of Us or Sloths you may enjoy it.

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