EnigMarch Day 28

Things have been busy! But I wanted to get another puzzle out. Can Manda stay consistent with whatever crazy story she has written so far? Hopefully! Will she make a fatal error in her puzzle? Likely!

Dear Jenny,

Yes, I am excited about Halloween! I’m thinking of going as Scully. Red hair and all, and I can just borrow one of mom’s pant suits. I don’t know if anyone at school will get it though. Except Amber. I just met her, and she seems just as nerdy as me! Don’t worry, she’ll never reach your levels! We’re going to watch The Exorcist. She was amazed I’d never seen it and insists it’s a right of horror movie passage. I’m a bit nervous I admit it.

I don’t think mom likes it here. Dad says we’ll get used to it, but she seems bored already. She misses the city. I hide in my room whenever they fight about it. That’s been a lot lately. I mean, I miss the food options in the city. Here, we’re lucky to get more than a Tim Horton’s. There is a decent pizza place though.

Oh man! I just remembered I forgot to give you my new number! I love these letters but it would be awesome to hear your voice. Here it is!

18 5 1 4 16 1 7 5

I know, I write phone numbers weird. What can I say, I like to do things my way!

Talk to you soon! Sunday! After X-files?



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