My Neighbour Errol: Farewell D&E

As many of you (or all of you) who read this know, my friend Errol has a geeky band called Debs and Errol…well…he HAD a geeky band called Debs and Errol. Last night after a month long hiatus, Errol showed me his farewell comic. As of this morning, D&E is no more.

Truthfully, I’ve suspected for a while that this would be happening, I just wasn’t sure exactly when or how it would come about. But even expecting it, the actual event hit me pretty hard. And so today I am feeling all the feels.

D&E ended up playing a huge part in my life. Their music meant a lot to me. The community that formed around them was strong and supportive and provided me with my first real online friendships. Their webcomic became my daily ritual in the morning, providing a good laugh for the rest of the day. Without them I would not have written my Wheatley song. I would not have helped make a musical. And of course were it not for Debs and Errol I probably never would have met the crazy happy Asian man who eats too many eggs.

And so, despite understanding the reasons, it does sadden me to see them go. So farewell to Debs and Errol. You guys were amazing and you made an impact on many people.

BUT that’s not the only reason I’m posting this morning.

Because Errol is Errol and will never be able to not do anything creative, he has decided to still keep up a daily webcomic. This time around it won’t be centered on the band but rather his life and all the crazy it involves.

When thinking of a name, the first thing I suggested was simply using My Neighbour Errol. But he felt awkward about it seeing as how I had it first for my blogs. Then after about one week and about a hundred different suggestions for other names, some bad, some good, most taken already as domains, Errol asked if My Neighbour Errol was still in fact on the table.

So yes…there is now a My Neighbor Errol the comic.  It’s pretty bare bones at the moment since he literally just started the site last night but rest assured that will change soon. And yes, that’s neighbor without a “u”. Because Twitter could only handle a certain length in the name and clearly we have to appease the Americans.

So what does it mean for this blog?

Oh, I will still post the craziness that is Errol. How could I not? But really, a four panel  comic from Errol says far more than 1,000 words from me could. I will still obviously post funny things going on in my life or geeky ramblings and such. But My Neighbour Errol is mostly being relinquished to the man himself.

Which is a good thing! So please, take a look at the comic! Visit it every day! Spread the word around! I may even beg to write the odd comic or two for it!

It’s going to be a weird transition. But it will be fun in the end. Here’s to a new era of crazy. And stuff…I suck at endings…BYE!

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  1. I get the feeling that creativity just constantly oozes out of Errol, and he has to have somewhere to focus it. Farewell to Debs and Errol!

  2. Ooo just read this now. Great post, Manda.

    “And yes, that’s neighbor without a “u”. Because Twitter could only handle a certain length in the name and clearly we have to appease the Americans.”

    Yes, you must.

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