Manda’s Workout Diary #6

I swear I’m just numbering these arbitrarily now. That’s what a lazy mindset does to you. At any rate, here we are! A couple of weeks later! And still managing!

 The Workout: Boot Camp and Jillian Michael’s Fat Burning Metabolic workout

Sadly, because my Groupon ended and I couldn’t afford even a discounted membership to the boot camp, my last boot camp class was last week.

Although it was difficult, and I ended up missing a week and a bit due to sinus hell, I’m glad I ended up going for it. It’s weird to think that paying somebody to shout at you while you regret even having arms let alone lifting things with them would be more motivating than exercising in the comfort of your own home, but there you go.

I might actually miss it a bit. But I am determined to keep going now that I’ve got a pattern going. So I’ve pulled out a Jillian Michaels workout that looks like it could be somewhat similar to the Boot Camp exercises.

The Good

This is probably the first time I have a ton of a good stuff to say! I had tried this Jillian Michaels workout before, only to be defeated just 15 minutes in and left in a weeping heap on the ground. I abandoned it for the 30 Day Shred instead, never to touch it again until now.

It seems though that my three and a half weeks of boot camp has paid off. Much to my surprise, not only was I able to keep up with the workout, I actually found it wasn’t quite as intense as what I was used to. Part of that might have been that I was alone with no one to push me, but at the same time there was some very clear exercises that were far easier than what I had to do at the camp.

Not only that, but my body is noticeably more energetic. It actually seems to want to exercise every once in a while. I am hoping I can keep up this regime up and not fall behind. As good as it was to get into the habit of exercising, it’s way too easy to fall out of it again. Trust me, this is a weird change from the body that wanted to sit every moment it got.

The Not So Good

Burpees are still my most hated thing ever. I hate them. Hate hate hate. There is a lot of improvements to make on the burpee front. Actually, anything involving jumping. My legs seem to go insta-hollow whenever I attempt to defy gravity.

As well, my food consumption has fallen by the wayside the last few days. I’m getting back on track now, but having a busy schedule makes it difficult to keep up with good, healthy meals when that box of Wheat Thins is just begging to be inhaled.

How Much I want to Murder Jillian Michaels

Actually only about 30%. Again, the workouts now seem fairly simple compared to boot camps. Still, having to look at her abs is disheartening. Sometimes I feel like the camera just gets distracted by them.

The Change

As for physical changes, there aren’t all that many sadly. I have begun to ever so slightly thin out a bit, but there is a LOT to thin out and it’s slow progress. Still, as I said before, my body is noticeably stronger and more energetic. I was actually a little disappointed that the new workout didn’t give me quite the burn as the class did.

The biggest change though has been on my mental state. Although I may not look much difference, my confidence has gone up tenfold since beginning exercising. I’m not that ashamed anymore. I hold myself differently. And working out actually makes me feel better. This over everything is the most important advance, as far as I’m concerned. Let’s see what the future holds!

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