Conversations With Stuff: The Fly

Manda: Alright, time to sit down, relax and get some work done.

Fly: hhhhhhHHHIIIIIIiiiiiii

Manda: What the—

Fly: ffffFFFLLLLLYYYyyyying!

Manda: How did you get in?

Fly: hhhhhhHHHHIIIIiiiiii HI!

Manda: Fine, just stay out of my way and let me concentrate–

Fly: llllliiiikeyourHAIR!

Manda: That is the opposite of letting me concentrate.

Fly: circlecirclecirclecirclecircle

Manda: (gets out fly swatter)


Manda:…that’s better (goes back to typing)

Fly: fffooooundyourEAR!

Manda: AH!

Fly: Wantthescreen (bump) Wantthescreen (bump) Wantthescreen (bump) Wantthescreen

Manda: THAT’S it! (grabs fly swatter again) You are now my prey.


Manda: (flailing wildly) you have to land sometime.


Manda: Do you think that will stop me?!


Fly: ssssstiiillALIVE

Manda: You aren’t nearly as fun as Glados.

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  1. Next time I see a fly the battle is on. Not that it isn’t already on when I see a fly…

  2. Manda — this is so funny! Happens to me far too much. I have a flyswatter in just about every room of my apartment (not that it intimidates the flies) so I can pretend I am the one in control.

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