Conversations with Stuff: Pants

Pants: Manda….

Manda: Yaargh…

Pants: Maaaanda!

Manda: I can’t hear you!

Pants: You have to put me on, Manda.

Manda: No, I don’t!

Pants: Look, I know you’re not my biggest fan.

Manda: Got that right!


Pants: And I will admit, hanging out with me means you have to deal with some unpleasant things.

Manda: You imprison my legs and my happiness!

Pants: But seriously, you’re wearing a towel and in a fetal position.

Manda: I like the towel! It understands my needs!

Pants: How far are you going to get in a towel?

Manda: I will invent the towel dress!

Too late!

Too late!

Pants: But I do nice things too! Like protect you from the cold!

Manda: while constricting me!

Pants: Or conceal your unshaven legs!

Manda: Maybe they shouldn’t be concealed! Why can’t you let me be proud?!

Pants: Look, just put me on, okay? It’s not that bad.

Manda: Putting you on means going to work!

Pants: You don’t have a choice. It’s too cold for skirts.

Manda: There are ways around it!

Pants: You clearly don’t want to go to work and are just blaming it on me.

Manda: You’re the reason society is failing!

Pants: Would you rather me ask Tights if they’d like to hang out?

Manda: No, wait! DON’T! FINE! I’M GETTING UP!

How does superman DEAL with it?

How does superman DEAL with it?

Pants: That’s better.

Manda: You win today, you two legged prison. But I’m going to make that towel dress.

Pants: And I will still be here.

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