Manda’s Workout Diary: Week #3

It’s Week 3. And it’s sort of difficult now. See, I have two shows coming up. Which eats up a lot of my free time. Free time that would include working out. So Week 3…was sort of a bust. In more ways than just lack of exercise. See, having no free time doesn’t just mean I don’t get to play that awesome video game I rented. It also means I don’t get to cook meals. And when the blood sugar crashes I am not above downing two packets of mini-eggs. I have now gone cold turkey on mini-eggs as a result. It’s very difficult.

So! Here’s my report!

Status: Still chubby, although arms are noticeably less squishy.

Work-out: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, although it’s more like the 60 Day Shred with the occasional day off so that I might collapse in a nervous heap after rehearsals.

Equipment: Cans of tomatoes (ie weights), yoga mat, failing knees

Parts of the body that hate me: My knees don’t like this work-out. They don’t like it one bit. I have taken to using a pillow during push-up time, but lunges are still a chore.

Percent I want to kill Jillian Michaels: It’s down to 75% now. Those lunges and squats are still killing me though. See above as to why.

Exercises that still confuse me: Bicycle crunches. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THOSE?!

Accomplishments I should be proud of: I can now do a few push-ups non-girly style! Also the cardio sections of the work-out are easy as pie. I am a cardio god! And for the hour or so after I do the work-out, I feel accomplished.

Ego-boost of the week: Someone told me I looked somewhat slimmer. Though it might have been my awesome t-shirt.

 One event that somehow erases the ego-boost: the costume designer handed me a pair of pants to try on. I could already see they were about four sizes smaller than what I’ve been wearing. She made me try them on anyway. I couldn’t even pull them all the way up. Stoopid pants.

Cheesy catch-phrase I am telling myself: Hang in there!


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