Chronicles of a NaNo Rebel

This year was supposed to be the year I fully got back into NaNoWriMo again. But then, as I wrote earlier, I got the oppurtunity to write a video game. Not just any video game either: it’s a time travel video game. This sort of project requires the time and effort that doesn’t allow for a novel to be written on the side. At least…so long as I have a full time job.

And yes, I do get really cranky when people take my stapler...seriously...

And yes, I do get really cranky when people take my stapler…seriously…

But, all was not apparently lost. I was told that I could still participate in NaNo, counting my script and video game planning towards my word count. However since it’s not an official, coherent novel I no longer can be considered an official NaNoWriMo participant. No, I have become what is known as…a NaNoRebel.

Only...without the helmet

Only…without the helmet

At first, I took a bit of offense to this title. After all, the point of NaNo for me was always to be creative. I was being creative, wasn’t I?! So what if it wasn’t a novel? I had read NaNo novels far less coherent than a novel should be. So long as I was trying to get to the 50,000 words, shouldn’t it count?

Plus it sounds kind of negative, like we’re looked down on for not writing a novel, like anything we write doesn’t REAAAAALLLLY count because it’s not specifically a “novel”. I mean, after all, you’re not a true Wrimo unless you’re writing a novel. Never mind that people have lives and full time jobs and obstacles that suddenly come along, NANOWRIMO RULES MUST BE OBEYED AT ALL COSTS!

Save that crap for Camp NaNoWriMo

Save that crap for Camp NaNoWriMo

But then I thought about it. And I realized that being known as a NaNoRebel makes me feel way more badass than your average Wrimo. I’m like the browncoats of NaNoWriMo.

You're all jealous I have Nathan Fillion on my side

You’re all jealous I have Nathan Fillion on my side

For instance, a NaNoRebel can write not just one project, but several. So long as its creative, it counts as word count. This blog for instance? Totally part of my word count. Two hundred and thirty-three so far for today!

I’m like a creative ninja, seeking out any and all words I could possibly use towards my word count. An article for my game site? Word count. The video game script? Word count. A very ranty rant which will never see the light of day? Yup, alllll word count.

I sneak them into the NaNoWriMo site every day, all the while fooling those fools into thinking that they are towards a three-act story of a novel. But in reality, I am twirling my mustache while working on five insanely different projects all at the same time!


It’s an interesting experience so far. Before, if I was just writing a novel and I got stuck, I would have to wait until inspiration came to me again. Now…I can just move onto something else.

At the same time, I’m discovering that scripts have a lot more words than I had thought before. I’m also discovering that writing a script is far easier for me than writing a novel. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps not worrying about thinking of flowery descriptive paragraphs has released a lot of my fear of writing.

Beware me, fools! For I am the NaNoRebel! And I WILL find any and all words and use them for my own! ….YAAAARGH, YOUR WORDS WILL ALL BE MINE! Stay tuned for updates :D.



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