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I have a friend named Errol. We make fun videos together. He is talented, creative and hilarious. He is also crazy, overwhelmingly enthusiastic and gets too much joy from my discomfort, which I have in abundance. For the five people who currently read this blog, this is not exactly news. But for those who may just be discovering this corner of the internet,  I realized it may be a good idea to give a proper introduction to the man who will more than likely take up a quarter of this blog’s content. So here it is: an introduction to Errol.

This was on my phone wallpaper for weeks before I finally figured out how to get rid of it…

Errol is a geek. That is an understatement, but I can’t find the right metaphor to properly describe his geekiness. It is probably the second thing you’ll discover about Errol when you meet him. The first is that he excited to make new friends. Very excited. If you have social media of any sort, he will find you.

Basically...this guy

Basically…this guy

He has many geek loves, but the greatest one has to be Miyazaki. I have yet to see him not get excited over any of the Totoro accessories/photos given to him. I’m pretty sure if he had his way, he would have this bed:

Although this looks freaking comfy…man, I’m tired…

I met Errol through his band, Debs and Errol, two years ago. We made a video together. That story is long and can be found on the Debs and Errol wiki because I’m lazy like that. But here’s the video anyway. This is pretty much the first time I interacted with Errol for more than five minutes:

Needless to say that for some strange reason Errol wanted to keep being my friend despite my constant nerves and twitchy ways. Or perhaps it was because of it. Who knows. We sort of play friend chicken (or at least I do). I keep waiting for him to get tired of me. He keeps waiting for me to finally go screaming for the hills. It hasn’t happened yet. I think it’s because of our mutual love of adventure games and shawarma.



Have you ever seen Paranorman? If you want a good sum up of how we met, watch the scene between the two best friend characters. That’s pretty much how us becoming friends went down. Minus the ghosts.

Well, and the fact that Errol is Asian and I'm a girl.

Well, and the fact that Errol is Asian and I’m a girl.

Most importantly, he gets extreme joy out of teasing. If teasing was a super power, it’d be Errol’s. There is a magical glint in his eyes everytime he finds a button to push on some unsuspecting soul. And push it he will. Sadly, I have many buttons.

Errol’s psychological playground

Surprisingly, one thing that people may not know is that Errol does have boundaries. He has a very good sense of boundaries in fact. If he knows that something really bothers someone, he will stop bothering them about it. But only if they ask him to. Otherwise, he will keep pushing to see just how far he can go before they say stop. I have an inability to say no. For the first couple of months we were friends, Errol continually asked if he was overstepping his bounds, and reassuring me that it was okay to say no sometimes. He doesn’t ask that anymore.

Instead he found more buttons.

Instead he found more buttons.

Now Errol has made it his daily task to embarrass me somehow. So instead of relegating these conversations to the back of my mind to fester and ooze, I have decided to devote a section of this blog to “Conversations With Errol” (or something catchier…suggestions?) which will basically chronicle all of the insanity that is being Errol’s friend. That was a very long winded way of explaining that and I suppose I could have just outright said it at the beginning…but I mostly just wanted an excuse to find pictures of shawarma.



So that’s Errol. I hope you enjoy the insanity to come. Oh! Also, he knits. This is his knitting blog. And he is a far funnier blogger than I…for now…

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  1. Mmmm.. Shawarmas….. man… that makes me hungry.. 😀

  2. I also approve of shawarmas.

  3. That was an awesome post ‘Manda.

    Very well written.

    I’ll just sit here and enjoy the warm glow for a bit longer.

  4. I bet Errol would get bored with me quickly. I don’t react in nearly as fun a way to my buttons being pushed.

  5. Yeah … you had me at shawarma.

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